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Guess we've got a brand new line coming out this year the same old make and model they didn't look good the first time around so how the hell do they expect to impress taught by who was in the know back in '88 it's almost been a decade now it's time for all the little brothers and sisters to learn nothing from their mistakes have you learned yet that pipe is nothing but another excuse that joint can be the beginning of the end those pills are nothing but a numbing of the senses that needle's the gun that puts the bullet in your vein so why can't you just be yourself live free of false emotions it's easier than you might think to be the person that you are take another drug to make you feel another way don't you have enough inside of you to bring it out yourself think of all the time you spend being artificial and there won't be time enough to tell what part of you is really real and I know it's hard for you to tell your friends that you don't give a shit if they call you a "fag" but you shouldn't be doing all the shit they do just because now they say it's all the rage again can't you feel it finding you in all the places that you used to hide from all these little trends meant for some other kids but now it's you who blindly follows them and now you miss the strongest winds of every storm

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