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Testo Gentleman

Desperate for a meaningful love. What will it take to make this more clear, to keep from going one step too far? Something so beautiful, so precious. Defiled by a false and empty \"love\". Consider the view from above, is this how we're meant to love? No enjoyment in objectification, lustful pleasure is an aberration. Here we go again! How will we rise from this dust, in a world that is shrouded in lust? How will we rise from this dust? The grass is not always greener on the other side. The other side is tempting, but merely a fruitless pursuit. Nights of pleasure lead to lives of pain. So much time wasted pursuing what feels so right. And the taste of lust has never been more bittersweet. So many of us search for help in our hurting, help for our pain. Never again will I set foot on that ground. Never, never again! An endless bombardment of wrong perception, an endless parade of imperfection. Fueled by our transgressions, mankind has never been so wrong. I pray that You will call me a gentleman

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