No Turning Back Testo

Testo No Turning Back

We hold our dreams, can you make them disappear? I don't think so. This is burned upon our hearts and our tongues, this is our calling. No we won't do this for anymore, or any less, but to hear the words Son, you have done well in my eyes In my eyes, it makes it all worthwhile. All the sacrifices, the sweat and tears of the past years we've lost. Not a single dollar earned that wasn't turned back around. This is a business endeavor of a peculiar kind. Dreams are made to be followed! But they come with a price, we are ready to pay in full. This is what we have chosen over the common nine to five. Simply put, we won't turn around. So don't try to convince us otherwise. No, no turning back now. We have made a commitment, a pledge to follow through. With everything that we have started here today. This is not for ourselves. Dreams are made to be followed, but they come with a price

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