Time And Time Again Testo

Testo Time And Time Again

We need to come to our senses before its too late. Our time is now, here we go! I never thought we could be so blind to our own demise. But it comes as no surprise, for I've seen this time and time again. Now its time to spark a change, a break in the chain of habitual behavior that has left my generation crying for help. What have we done to ourselves? We won't take this anymore, I swear this isn't what we're here for. Intoxication, fornication, a few of the plagues of my generation. They feed us lies, telling us that we're okay. But we're not, we need to look back to the truth. They feed us lies. They're wrong, they're wrong, for I see so much potential in the youth. To overcome, to overcome, everything that they've been through. For I see so much potential in the youth to overcome this time. They call for a dramatic social change. Listen up now, it's their time to shine

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