My Condemnation Testo

Testo My Condemnation

Don't compromise! I'm speaking directly to you now, you've become like everyone. Judgment-filled eyes, full of despise, whose side are you really on? This is not a fashion. Don't brand it if you're not ready to live it. Its about love and compassion. Don't use His name as your platform, platform for hatred. You've completely missed the message. Its people like you, who don't change a single thing. But not me, no I won't fall this time. I'm gonna live my life God-filled, hate-free. But know it's not too late, to turn this all around. No it's not too late, to turn your faith around. What have you done? There is no justification. In your false interpretation of these words. So pure, yet so misread, I can't believe the lies you've spread. You should be ashamed. This time around, you have tarnished His name. Polluting the very thing you say that you maintain. So let His judgment pour down, for they can't see through the lies that you have built around His name. You should be ashamed for the lies you've built around His name. You have my condemnation for the lives you've damned

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