Complete Silence Testo

Testo Complete Silence

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
At last the passed the laws to protect us from the terrorists
who live among us and who threaten freedom everyday
at last it passed attach the taps into our homes
into our phones let not a single thought escape
at last it passed now criminal minds won't last
at last

now everyone's a suspect and everyone's afraid
because everyone's a rat and we share the same cage
eating what they're feeding so we're still consuming fear
but the only thing we're free from is having our own ideas
boast the most freedom while we host the most laws
but the leaders and the feeders will no longer meet applause
until our heads are emptied and refilled with the corrupt
until the end when free communication turns to dust

still they leave us living life with just enough to convince ourselves
that we've got something to lose NOT MUCH
shut up or lose the little you have don't act so surprised
and don't look so confused that communication broke......... down

they brought complete silence to the cities
cause the citizens believed that they could risk their lives
to speak out or communicate a thought that wasn't bought
or to fabricate their own ideas with their own minds
they brought complete silence to the world
and a world gone dead was a credit to them
to the one's who built the walls without a care at all
to the ones who wanted order that could bore into your head
to the people to the cities to the world

then on one fateful day after many years had past
not knowing any better a small child cried out
and another joined in
soon the chorus grew
the world had reclaimed its voice
and would never be silenced again
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