Nation 1 Testo

Testo Nation 1

Welcome to the top of the world where everything is alright
because the blinds are drawn tight
they protect us from the suffering of people all over they
protect us from the knowledge of hate

but just on the other side of the window man digs
through my waste for the food i discard
and just on the other side of the world
an arsenal is aimed at my front door

but these blinds keep me blind and the choice is mine
because ignorance is bliss so i'm feeling just fine
here in freedom nation our spirits are high
and if you hear otherwise than you're hearing a lie

yea we. we are the free we are the free.
this world is ours it'll always be

the chosen nation god is on our side
the people of power the citizens of pride

so give thanks for the freedom to take a little more when you're satisfied not full
give thanks for the freedom of ruthless competition and a chance for all to rule
plenty of opportunity for the opportunistic few
it's the weak and the lazy the idealistic who stay banished to class 2

with our world and our freedom in our hands
nation 1
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