Conspiracy Theory Testo

Testo Conspiracy Theory

And what did i tell you about the opportunistic few
don't confuse the ruse that the leaders have used just to sponsor the world's abuse
go dig a little deeper and you'll find some truth
under false pretense they sent out the swarm protecting our rights to over consume

(we've found the truth
government lies)

(let 'em know all the terrible things we know)

that's right we've uncovered the truth
and discovered what you and i should already know.
every policy is set in the best interest of those in power,
every action is an act to serve the elite.
this war is not a war on our enemies this war is a diversion
to distract us from the real agenda:
taking everything the world has to offer but hasn't offered yet.
but if you dig deeper the plot grows so much more disturbing.
the media wants us to believe that the terrorists are in our backyard
when the reality is that the true terrorists are the ones who own our backyards.
our leaders have proven time and time again with their wars
and their blatant disregard for human suffering,
that they don't value human life.
well why would they value lives on our soil
when don't care for those who die everywhere else.
the value of human life is measured only by what he or she can produce
or by what profit he or she can bring dead or alive.
so well you stand by pondering asking why thousands are dying,
ask yourself this: who benefits from thousands dead?
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