Abyssos Antithesis Testo

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Testo Abyssos Antithesis

Eternal division
Chiseled out of ruin
In utter otherness
First among equals

Wolf Manifest
Ultimate dark design
The direct opposite
Upon cursed soil
Chaos wielder
I am becoming thee
Leviathan depths
Locked in reverie

By means of iron tongue
Abyssos winds blow through my bones
Foot on path - Uncontested
I will endure - Encased in Flesh so cold

By ways of schism hammer-blow
Black horns of antithesis - Grow
Hooves on thorns - Unparalleled
I am the bearer - Of a thousand unholy names

Abyssos - Antithesis
Over the seven rays of the lion's crown
Bathos Relentless & Victorious
Abyssos - Antithesis - I bow to none
Antithesis in my Flesh
Heartless - Born of shadows
Created by stone hands
Through ungodly divination

I am the Instrument of the apocalypse
Feel the shape of the venom I fell
Lead your children to my feet
Let them lick deaths-salt from my throne