Enter Cold Void Dreaming Testo

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Testo Enter Cold Void Dreaming

Beyond the bones of burning horizons
Each step away carves eons closer
Drowning material realms in quicksilver introspection
Cutting gilded chasms through labyrinthine haze

Carving out the ancient idols
In the grip of chaos
Cosmic storms in warm-eaten heart
Unlock, Unravel, Unveil
Un-material realm striving closer
The principle of moments of death
Dimensions draped in dust of prayers
Unlock, Unravel, Unveil

Enter cromlech passage
Enter portal veiled
Bending light to will
Enter cold void dreaming

Beyond the skeletal shades of remembrance
Each moment crawl lifetimes slower
A Bleeding glimpse of a lost world is all that remains

Beyond tight ropes and crooked ladders
Each breath a cosmic lifespan reversed
Weaving the seven pillars into dehumanising flesh

Underworld cantons roar through the ether
Walking with shadows, through worlds without end
Eyes fill with pits of night and pools of stone,
and heavens fire...

Enter cold void dreaming
Into oblivion black
Enter cold void dreaming
Striving to the other side of paragon perfection

Timeless and eternal
Crushed against a wall of void
Like a pariah fire in the dark
Unlock, Unravel, Unveil