Towers Upon Towers Testo

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Testo Towers Upon Towers

Behind flickering contorted faces
Phantom claws move hidden hands
On pathways of least resistance
Worn to bone by rats and sainted lies

As words of filth hails heaven high
Hosannas choke on children's skin

Towers upon towers
Mask behind masks
Filth upon filth
Rib upon ash...

Towers upon towers
Scraping the skies
Bone upon bone
Lie upon lie...

Limbs upon limbs
Souls upon souls
Sin upon sin
Lie upon lie...

Sanctimonious vultures necrotic dance
Like hungry wolves upon altars of flesh
You all shall eat the offspring
Of your own stinking bodies
Visiting your fathers sins,
Upon own butchered lambs
The lingering stench
Of grotesque parody ever present
Ember by crumbling ember,
Last dying fire, fading slow

Creeping into feeble mind like lice
Searing veins like sweetest poison
Now cut the skin and eat my flesh