Quit Coming Around Testo

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Testo Quit Coming Around

Quit coming around
Cause all it does is bring me down
I don't know how much more I can take
We've said our goodbye's
And severed all our ties
So now I'm asking you
Quit coming around
Well I told you last night before I left
We were thru, no regrets
Woke this morning to your call
And I'm starting to wonder have you heard me at all

You said, "I think I'll just stop on by"
and asked what are we doing tonight
I said, "What part of thru don't you understand
Cause there's no you in my plans"


Well, I went out to free my mind
Some how I knew you weren't far behind
You came walking in like you always do
Well I don't know how to get this thru to you

I've told it to your face
Told you on the phone
Baby can't you read the signs
Come a little closer
Let me says this one more time