The Devil In Me Testo

Testo The Devil In Me

Worked all day and I just want some sleep
But I see you've got different plans for me
Just one touch of your gentle hand
You make me a different kind of man
I'll do anything you please
You bring out the devil in me
The way you look just brings a change to me
A different side of my personality
I don't know how you make me feel this way
The mind says go but my body wants to stay
You've got me acting desperately
You bring out the devil in me

Oh yeah, the man you see before you now changes every night
Cause, I can't help but love this girl that stays right by my side
It's something I battle with, ah constantly
So blame it on the devil, the devil in me


I don't care what other couples do
No one can touch me the way you do
I'm not complaining, so don't get me wrong
Yeah, cause anywhere you go I come along
The room heats up a few degrees
You bring out the devil in me
I said baby, you bring out the devil in me