There With You Testo

Testo There With You

I see the sun against your skin
Auburn hair's blowing in the wind
I get up and everything still the same
My memory of you still remains
Girl I wish I was there with you
I feel the cool crashing of the waves
As there blowing in from the bay
But all I can hear are cars on the interstate
As I start another work day running late
Wish I was there with you
Lying in the sand
Wanna be with you, I need you bad
Wish I was there with you

Watching every move you make
Waiting for that chance to take
Girl I can't wait to taste your lips
As I lean in for that first kiss

I can feel your body against mine
As the sun sets on the coast line
And I wake up to the sound of a passing train
Oh, was I really there or am I going insane