Forever Bender Testo

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Testo Forever Bender

Out cold from long nights and long drives
I'm burnt out on sex appeal
Dare me to move on, or to lash out.
Give me ugly, or just something real

I used to toss and turn a fever.
Now I toss and turn my bed.
Searched out the old flings, that failed me.
I'll take what I am instead.
It all comes down to,
I'm still me, even without you.

You'll run away, endlessly.
Eat your words, ignore all the shame.
We could be, 'never were', 'never speak'.

It's a forever bender with me

I tried, and quit for a challenge.
I left Mom and Dad with a balance.
Here's to losing weight and losing meals
I coughed up while my voice gives out.
I've got pills, but I wake with doubts
That I can't sing what nobody needs to hear.

Oh, I'm petty-full
I pissed in your garden, now nothing's going to grow
Aren't we all poets? Yeah, I know.
I collect what I can remember, in a box because I'm getting old.

Forever Bender
Nothing's going to grow