Sound Of Money Testo

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Testo Sound Of Money

I was born the careful son
I had caution inside my bones
Still every day, I question where we are,
and who we want to be

Hold the liens, hold the lines over me
Dear Mom and Dad, I've died, here's what it means to me
Left the faith, fell in love, with the ones who had to beg
It's all been staggered time, I'll find myself along the way
We've got the sound of money, and we do what we like
We live by the ocean because we know what's right

I'm ready to pay, I'm ready to pay
Fold and walk away
Keep me in mind when you reach the shore
And you're trapped beneath my weight
Kept at bay, kept at bay
Over truth you just can't take
At arm's length, at arm's length

Over our hands and under our hearts