Sometimes A Wolf Testo

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Testo Sometimes A Wolf

We were washed out love, the wounded wane
Spit my stomach back, then repeat it again
I would right the wrongs I've done
If they didn't feel so goddamn good

In the summer son
Sometimes a wolf
Will let it down again

First time, we crossed that line
Held my breath as we both collided
Now we're living on the other side, there's something here
Sometimes a wolf,
Sometimes a wolf, once innocent

We tried to keep it light
We tried to cut it off
There's no amount of hell avoiding something that we both want
So we ran with it, never went for air
We were innocent, but knew that there was something there
I had a heart to cling to, I made a mess to try
Overslept in a smaller room filled with just you and I
We're brand new again. We're both better again.
We're brand new again. We're both better.