Ending My Misery Testo

Testo Ending My Misery

I've Been Living In A Hole
Needing To Lighten The Load
Internal Bleeding,
Feeling Lost And Broken
My Pain Was My Only Friend
I'd Never Felt So
Fighting A World That Kept Lying To Me
I Look For Help In The Sky
Light Would Just Burn My Eyes
Finally Blinded I Could Try No More
With Pain
As My Only Friend
I Felt Beaten
I Felt Beaten
I Felt Destroyed

I Felt Destroyed
Lies Dominated
I Felt Destroyed

Then I Felt An
Angel Shining Down On Me
To Put New Life In My Heart
To Stop The Bleeding
Give Life To The Man That Died

I Slowly Felt My Heart Start To Beat
Slowly Felt My Confidence Rise
Finally Standing Strong, On Two Feet
Laughing At The World 'Coz The World Is Mine
Now I Am The Army And The
World Is On Its Own
And I'm Laughing 'Coz It's Out Of Control
And After All
The Pain It's Caused Me
I Can't Wait To See Humanity Fall

You Thought You'd
Break Me, Turns Out That I Broke You
Take Back The Life You Gave Me
All Your
Walls I Broke Through!