The Slaughtering Of The Sun Testo

Testo The Slaughtering Of The Sun

I walked through hell with the weight of the world on my shoulders
And now the
time has come
Never will I
Give in, until I'm
Set free from this fucking

They brought it to me and I took the pain
Thought they could beat
me, now they fear my name
They left me out in the rain
There I prepared for
this day
No one was there for me
No one fucking cared for me, but I can take
the strain

Break free from this prison with the hands of a broken man
fire still remains from the slaughtering of the sun
Breathe life where there
is none
I have returned from the dead
Found strength beneath the suffering
and cut off its head

You always knew if I found my way back out
That I
would come straight for revenge

You call your self a friend
You tried to
destroy my whole world
You tried to make it all so hard for me
But you could
never stop the light from shining down on me
And how hard you try, is how hard
you fail
Now stare me dead in the eye
And tell me without lie
That you don't
loathe yourself

I know they would love to see me fall
To see me crawling on
my knees
My heart infested with darkness
Me bleeding, them feeding on my
Slave to the suffering
Wearing me down until I'm forced to let go
I know how it kills you to see me succeed
In the blink of an eye I conquered
it all