Shadows Testo

Testo Shadows

I feel so cold and so weak
As my blood streams into the gutter it hits
That this could be my final breath
So I reach out into the night and
tonight I pray for death

Release me
I'm begging you to take it all
I've longed for it all to end this way

I have nothing to stay here
I've lost any reason I once had for living
And there's no turning
This darkness is eating its way out of me from the inside

My life has
fallen to pieces
So take me right here and let it be set in stone
I beg you,
show me no mercy
I gave all I had
It is far too late for me now

This way
of life has taken its toll
And I don't want to die slow
These wounds wont
heal and its starting to show
I cant find my way back home
This is all that's
left for me

Once destined to shine
It seemed I had it all
How the fuck
did I end up this way
I don't wanna survive
Grow old and realise I've wasted
my life
I've tried
Now I'm destined to fade into the shadows of time
And no
I don't want to be saved

Death spread your wings let there be night