Another Summer Love Testo

Testo Another Summer Love

[Chorus x2: Irfane Khan-Acito]
Another summer love, another summer kiss
Another summer touch, that brings me to your bliss

Oops, upside of my head, you knocked me out the bed
You got me spacing like Bill & Ted
The heels with the red, Gucci bag and the shades
Plus the red lipstick, your honey blonde braids
Mama-mama-mama, comma-comma
You got me like Ralph and Alice, hummy-nee-humma-humma
Man, sugar cake, you make a brother shake
Away from his boys, away from his toys
Away from the guns and noise
I'm astounded by your beauty, your style and poise

[9th Prince:]
Aiyo, summertime with a sexy ass waistline
Round like a dime, so I hit you with a fine line
Design for your mind, we can take a walk on the beach
Fendi sandals on your feet
With a fly Prada dress, I'm impressed, never the less
You flowing with the best, nice nipples on your breasts
Street Mary Jane, you my candy cane
Going shopping in Spain, on a private plane

[Chorus x2]

[Beretta 9:]
Tempted by your voluptious ass, yo, it's sicker, mama
Choose you over family and cash, yo, almost love the drama
Five foot eleven, Nature Boy, I'm what's happening
Baby, write your number and name down on that napkin
Written in lipstick, she fold it and kissed it
Slipped it, hid it so quick, I nearly missed it
Blown away by her presence and her Dolce perfume
The one, with a hand of Egyptian, no what's soon
Summer love

[Chorus x2]

[Irfane Khan-Acito:]
A lovely summer night, two lovers holding tight
Our bodies by the shore
A morning summer light, just through the window shades
Your taste is on my lips
Another summer day, another summer night
Another summer day, another summer night