I Remember Testo

Testo I Remember

[Intro: 9th Prince]
Aiyo 9th Prince let's flash it back
Illest this is how I see it
Let 'em know ya'll get ready

[9th Prince:]
Yo as my mind travel my brain unravel
All my past life rough like gravel
Reminisce on the first time I met Killa Sin
He came through to help me with some beef I had in Port Richmond
And ever since then we been the best of friends
As time pass I asked him to join the Killarmy squadron
Yeah we formed like Voltron 9th Prince was the head
Around the time Islord was on the run from the feds
At the same time Raekwon and Ghostface was doing Cuban Linx
This is before The RZA had them sharp ass rings
When hip hop was just starting to bling bling
I knew Dom Pachino since we was kids
I told him when shit blow up I'm coming back to get the kid
And that's what I did I came through Soldiers of Darkness was blowing up too
I told Beretta 9 and ShoGun to meet me in New York
Because Wu-Tang is popping off like corks
And it's almost our time to shine that's when we started
Recording Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars
With the illest rhymes we didn't care about radio
Biggie or 2Pac or west coast hip hop
This was the time '96 before Makaveli got the crucifix
I was on some shit a young Madman who spit with acid
On records that became classics
[Interlude: 9th Prince w/ Suga Bang Bang ad-libbing]
This is the illest shit I ever wrote (respect & loyalty)
Knowhatimean let's go
I remember youknowhatimean we used to be up all night
Me Islord RZA you know Rae Ghost and Meth Deck
Youknowhatimean just snapping on each other all night
Shit cracking jokes and shit man word back in '93

[9th Prince:]
To be continued Dirty Weaponry performing at murder venues
Our lyrics was sharp like a gensu
I remember when I first met Killah Priest
I remember when I first learned about the mark of the beast
I remember cracking jokes on Rae Deck and Meth
Up all night to the break of light we never slept
I remember when Nas did Verbal Intercourse
I remember when Rae and Ghost was mad
When Biggie was named King of New York on the cover of The Source
I remember when we used to call Meth the Cookie Monster
But he was our brother and we could play like that with one another
I remember when Ghost wanted to buy the Killarmy name
But I didn't sell it for money cause we was next in the game
Next in the Killa Bee Hall of Fame
I remember when Killa Sin bagged Alicia Keys in the hotel lobby
We was on tour with Bobby
I remember when Dom P and Beretta almost fucked Brandy and Tatyiana Ali
Cause they was Killarmy in your galaxy
I remember when me and Killah Priest battled Canibus in Atlanta after a party
Rae and RZA Was loving it hardbody
I remember when I first met Shyheim
We was younger than our teens and already starting to scheme and dream
On how to do things and shine like kings

[Outro: 9th Prince w/ Suga Bang Bang ad-libbing]
See alotta ya'll dudes out there don't know the history
Ya'll don't know the 9th Prince history
Ya'll don't know the Killarmy history
You know ya'll don't know the muthafucking Wu-Tang history
I remember them days when niggas was family for real
Youknow? Killah Priest what up son
Killa Sin what up son
Killarmy what up niggas
This is the illest shit I ever wrote
This is the illest shit I ever wrote
And the realest the realest shit I ever wrote
Pay attention verbal henchmen