Mermaids Can't Cry Testo

Testo Mermaids Can't Cry

(Written by A Human)

11 - "Despair"

"Oh Alan" she thought, "I can't wait for you to see the sea!
The creatures, the treasure! All of it submerged, everything you've never seen!"
While the mermaid swam, guiding his hand, she smiled to their future,
pulling this man, turned around and underwater screamed.
Blood poured from his eyes and from his mouth, his human body collapsed
halfway to their underwater dream... beautiful Atlantis, he'll never see.
In a sunken ship, creaking and rotting with decay.
A mans body rots in an underwater grave.
The mermaid who brought him there, grows thin and wiry,
staring in place. She only moves to let a sigh escape.
"Daddy, king of Merland, why does this recluse shun all merman?
And hide from all the others in Merland?"
"Poor Madison, do you know why she's so sad?
Well she saved this young boys life some years ago, albeit in vain.
Within a week they fell in love when they found out she wasn't human.
She was taken away never to be seen again."
He risked it all, and gave it all, to save her life.
And like she had braved the sky, he too braved the sea.
But when she brought him underneath, his skull crushed in,
and too this day she waits for nothing,
because he's all she has and he's all she really needs.
The tiny hybrid of a fish and child considered a minute then nodded,
"If that's true love then I never want it!"
The king laughed, but quickly retorted,
"That may be hard to live without."
In a sunken ship, creaking and rotting with decay,
Above a Spanish crest, in a captains board, on that same treasure ship.
Sitting in a cryptic and kelp covered embrace.
Two skeletons hug each other, one without legs