The Brother Testo

Testo The Brother

(Written by A Human)

2 - "Love"

In a land of nowhere and a time of the past,
there was a boy in shrouds of patches and black.
If that boy had given up his home and turned his back,
he didn't feel lost, because he was never on track...
Have you ever asked what's more painful than being alone, and gotten an answer? Well let me tell you a tale....
Well he was not a friend, and a troubled soul he was,
but a comrade he found, and for him that was enough!
They took to each other faster than the naked eye could see,
and took to angry teen-age activities.
They stole what they wanted, & broke what they could not.
They were no longer children, but creatures without thought.
To walk past them was fear of their hearts, and foul disgust.
The duo's crimes worsened with each passing day,
people became wallets with a different face,
the risk was heightened and a pact was made...
Forever brothers is what they were and how they stayed,
for being alone was the worst way to fade...
So they walked together, and they fought together,
money painted their houses and the women came like sheep.
But what is enough? Too bad a little more was always the plan...
So a little bit more became a little too much, and a man died for their money lust.
He was shot in the head, right between the eyes...
When the police came he was the only one there, to his surprise!
Just as quick there, he was just as quick gone, and just like that...
His brother had moved on...
There was no law that could hurt him more than what his brother had done.
So ask again, what's more painful than being alone?
Although too late he had found his answer, the betrayal of his only brother