Beauty Testo

Testo Beauty

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls
You are jewels more precious than diamonds and pearls
And anyone who tells you otherwise is doin it to compromise
Their broken lives by telling lies to keep you down from flyin high
Up into the skies, to hell with their opinion
Calculated ignorance is blurrin their vision
Decisions made by fools, put yourself in their position
With the knowledge it's their mission to keep you locked in prison

Realize real beauty lies inside of the soul
And real eyes know that's the only place to go
And the real lies told by the ones who sold your soul
I you're beautiful (you're beautiful) you're beautiful (you're beautiful)

Ladies and Gentlemen, silicone or plastic
Flesh and bone are driven out by measures that are drastic
As age takes it's toll it's our goal to attack it
Flaws and imperfections? Shiiiiiit, burn em off or mask it
Ask yourself why we're putting on facades
Like Ali said we're fingerprints of God
Not flawed, just different, that's to be embraced
The future arrives and we've all got the same face
Cause it's in our nature to want to keep pace
With goals and desires of the whole human race
The thing of it is every single course is different
We're showin our kids it's not OK to be different
When daddy gets a paid-for-tan and mommy gets her breast implants
Just to achieve definitions we don't understand
Cause there isn't one, surgery's not the evil
It's the defining of beauty for other people
And the never-ending effort to accept what we're told
That what others say is the truth imposed
Expose holes in the logic of trying to conform to
Status quo complexions so everyone ignores you
No matter your efforts, there'll be those that abhor you
For breakin out the pack, leavin them to be scorned, too
Sheep that's black: the one that saves
The masses from the wolves cloaked in wools that are gray


Ladies and Gentlemen, stand and be proud
If you're hearin this sound, it means you've gotten up
Every time you've gotten knocked down, what was lost is now found
So-leave the skeletons and burn em to the ground
And raise a fist up you're here in the present
We're experts on our own lives, fuck all the skeptics
The message is this: we need to not place
Such weight on our weight and such hate on our face
Cause misplaced blame is the root of the problem
Measures that we take, our efforts to solve em
But understand this: conceptions of beauty
That are dictated by the magazines and movies
Change with the times and the minds of the media
Controlled by us, we're the people deceivin ya
Get you to believe what you need is to conform
Bleed to cover-up deviations from the norm
Enough-it's time to fight back
Against a system that's built upon leaving you trapped
And how we manage that is stand and turn it off
It's a personal commitment to get this shit to stop
No matter how hard we try, things will stay the same
Unless we recognize our own self is to blame
And realize in the end, nothing will change
Unless beauty's redefined as a fire with flames