Sex Testo

Testo Sex

12 years old saw my first pair of boobs
And ever since knew what I was destined to do
Little I knew - the porn industry's shady
Faked orgasms, women that could never have babies
And though my first kiss sucked
It was enough to pitch a tent and get my boxers in a bunch
And recess and lunch was the time to place trust
In your crush's best friend, almost always got you crushed
Tough in high school, dudes were bustin girl's hymens
I just sat back as a fool lovin rhymin
Girls became whores and guys became pimps
Even though those pricks had nothing over six inch dicks
And ignorance ran amuck as teacher's backs turned
On girls that got fucked and disallowed them to learn
So in town they got stuck as their lives fires burned
And died into the night forced to watch the world turn

And sex is a beautiful, beautiful thing
Unless STD tests cloud up your dreams
And sex is a beautiful, beautiful thing
Lest we neglect repercussions that our actions may bring...

They say a girl's first time helps determine her future
A guy's first time makes him confident or neutered
Horror stories passed of getting off before getting on
And bustin inside only to find the condom gone
So there I was frozen, blood rushing out my head
Down to my other head at the site on my bed
Asking the little man in my pants to stay down
Which made it harder than a Catholic priest at a playground
I said to hell with it and got down to business
After two hours snowed more white stuff than Christmas
Didn't tell my friends not to try to be modest
That girl was my friend, to me she was a goddess
And if anything happened I would fight to the death
To protect her right to choose to introduce another breath
Into the world, when it's said that choice is the girl's
Who's a jewel more precious than diamonds or pearls

[Chorus x2]

The reason so many in our culture are perverse
Is cause we're told from birth to be sexual's a curse
Now we're introverted extroverts in taboo trysts
I'm not an expert on sex, but I'll still dispel the myths
Almost every dude adds 2 inches to his size
When he's asked in public, he don't want to hurt his pride
That's the same reason guys go and pimp their rides
Cause they despise men that don't compensate through lies
Society judges women's sex they can't hide
So implants abound, in an effort to disguise
What they're told they have to be, like a Hollywood actress
But really women who you are naturally
Is more beautiful than anything molded by plastic
True to yourself's the only thing you have to be
Guys are horny bastards, they'll assume you want sex
If you flaunt your breasts, so mind how you're dressed
Masturbations not a sin, kids your parents still make love
Because love's the most potent of all of nature's drugs
And parents, relax, you're your kid's right hand man
They love you as much as their right hand, man!