Sun Testo

Testo Sun

You've heard it said, life you love it to death
And truer words were never spoken from the breath of this chest
Envelop stress and give goodwill to the rest
Push the limits to the test just to spit this for the blessed
Digress toward the message in a movement to address
It's my quest to reflect life's compassion and respect
To show it's possible to crest the apex of what's best
Society has gotta be better than this mess
Move it forward through the storm, see the future's sun next
It's nothing but a momentary form to be trekked
I'm not impressed with those who continually oppress
And neglect their fellow man to keep their own goals abreast
Nevertheless - never be kept in check
In the end you've got your back cause life's a game of chess
A contest that traps lest you protect your neck
And spread wings like a caged bird flying out the nest

Put your palms in the air, reach em up to the sun
That illuminates the paths, that our lives will run
Cause the beauty's never done, it's constantly movin
This is the music for the midst of revolution...

This is for the Boulevard of Broken Dreams, overpopulated
Those destined to succeed, show it's possible to make it
Those prayin on their knees when it's too tough to take it
Helping to believe give em strength to embrace it
Time is temporary - no longer can we take it
For granted or bury dreams deeper than basements
Life is a gift - we often disgrace it
By looking for diversions and distractions to replace it
... so this is love at it's most basic
Giving more than you've been given to the human race with
The passion, desire, to alter our fate with
Power to move toward the promised land we've chased it's
For the kid who's in it just for the taste with
The knowledge it's impermanent, nothing will change it
Time passes fast and the choice that we're faced with
Whether or not to cease the moment we're graced with