Perihelion Testo

Testo Perihelion

I'm loaded down by a burden of guilt Comet-like refusing sun I'm just another corrupt child, despising the holy one Head is injured, heart is sick I don't want to hurt again Corvered with bruises, welts and wounds Sick of it which hand should I cut off? Just the left or the right Dark out there Fear the night I'd better, I'd better rip out both of my eyes The attraction of the sun A defined orbit Perihelion I was sick of being giddy Stumbling through to perihelion Don't turn away too soon I know how it feels 'Cause I made the same mistakes I won't dare to judge you But he looks inside you I can see the smile right on your face But I know you're sometimes crying He can feel your disease But please don't try to leave I will pray for you now But I can't look away The attraction of the sun Will draw you close to perihelion If you stumble you'll be safe in defined paths near perihelion