Sleepless Testo

Testo Sleepless

A silent whisper From the demon in my head Telling of the dark That lurks beneath my bed When I fall asleep The shadows will appear Stoncold claws, they grip My mind and drink my fear A silent whisper And still I can´t escape The nightmare I am goin through Their voices in my head Falling deeper in my dream I see myself run The shadows still behind They´re after me the sleepless one Refrain: Why do you run Why do you hide You know you can´t escape The sleepless ones I prey upon In my realm beyond the gate Why do you run Why do you hide You know the nights my bride And in the darkest black of night I call you from the other side A silent whisper And the shadows start to crawl Deep inside the night they´re waiting for his call To cross the border Of the world that lies between Through the mirror´s gate I see them waiting there for me spoken: Mirror, mirror on the wall What lies beyond your gate I want to run but I stand still As he reaches for my hand