Forge=Phoenix Testo

Testo Forge=Phoenix

Rust: Condemning their deeds to
Dust: Vanishing scared needs too
Just: The Rise of the last Empire
Must: Demise this world in Fire

Cogwheel of fatality
Bruising humans destiny
For the Golden Idol

Lust: Drowning humans without any
Trust: Crowning ones who'll dare the
Most: No mercy hope for redemption is
Lost: Lost forever Lost

Breed and desolation
Theatre of the curse of the Sun
Here will start the Armageddon

Forge Phoenix
Set the Earth on Fire

Hatred spitting Fire
And puking Nuklear totem
Raping this planet
Phallic organs of iron
And sulphur fucking
God's creation
fucking God's creation

Towers of damnation
Cuming toxic fluids
Steal vultures rejecting magma
Defying biological textures
Turning this world to ashes
Turning this world to ashes

Alpha Phoenicis
The venue of planet X = Nibiru
Astral sign
Prophetic mark
Alpha Phoenicis
Praise the Sun
To Nuklear this fucking Earth
Be your funeral
Our planet's gift
Forge the Earth
And awake
The Power of Vulcan

Earth = Battleground
No place on Earth to hide
This is the end of the times
All of them will be swallowed
All of us will be swallowed

Terrean NeXus Of the 3 faiths
Spawn by SataN 3 cursed Empires
and Yahve
Converging as times end
Offer Him the blood
Of their worshippers
In the desert where reigns
The Sun of SataN