Psychoactive Satan Testo

Testo Psychoactive Satan

PsychoActive SataN
Cogwheel of addiction
Avatar X daemon
Consciousness modification
A Vision
Ashes of extinction
Connect. Load. Accept. Transform
PsychoActive SataN
Chemical Fire Amon
Opening gates of perception
Wisdom through destruction
Morbid Premonition
Absorb. Inhale. Plug in. Hell

The flames of deities
Are now in my chemical candies
I hold my substance Sirius
Close to my heart

God is scared by our pills
Can you dare our black magic
Satanic rush
Puking blood
Morbid spasms
Life decay
Fading breath
Challenging death

Satanic Rush
Crawling on the ground
Electric eyes
At the Black Idol

Holding the breath
Feeling particles
Draining through my blood
And soul
Anaesthesia for flesh
Euphoria for the mind
Black hole esoterism

God is scared by our pills
Can you bare our alchemy
Satanic Rush
Pulsing veins
Striking terror

Satanic Rush
Heart beating hard
Skin suffers nails carved
The transformation is on
The Sabbath begun