Templars Testo

Testo Templars

Arrogant Temple
Of iron and blasphemy
Psychocalls for human plug-ins
Gathering in Ecstasy
We are
The New Templars

Crusaders against life
Prophets of DrugZ MysticisM
Abducted by the Iron Icon
Strict individuals on a Mission

Our Strength is the Meaning
Our Faith is the Sign

New breed of mystics
Acid faith
Warrior will
Discipline of Hell
Strictly alone
Fire teknoshamans 666
Third Eye is our weapon
We are preparing the dawn of the Kult

Our Art is the Totem
Our Master is SataN
Morbid strife
Astral process
Forbids life
Altar access

Throwing deathly flames of SataN
New aeons Fire threat
Concrete of the Apocalyptical Beast
Relay of the Luxifer Meme
Guardians of His Temple
LSD leads to
Pledging allegiance
Without begging for favours
Our reward is His triumph
Our value is our action


Wandering on Earth
We stare at the Sun
Gate which gave life on Earth
Gate which will bruise it
We are
The New Templars