Hold Testo

Testo Hold

I'm turned around
The darkest night is surrounding me
There is no light
And I see a spark from miles away
but I give up hope and choose to stay and hold

See the snow piling up
It swirls around and leaves me wanting
some warmth inside of a home that I can barely see
But then, there is something frozen in me
And I hold

Feel you behind me
But I won't turn around
because that would mean that I've backed down
So I hold my ground and the earth starts to shake
And I begin to doubt every choice that I make

As I hold onto this pain
Oh I hold and pretend I can save you
And the love I tried to steal you just give to me to hold

We're so close now
in this warm embrace
I've turned around so I can face you
And all these fears that have held me so tight are melting
You're open, so let me me inside

And we'll hold onto this love
And I know it's always enough
In the darkest night and the brightest day we will hold

We will hold
Just hold on
Hold me