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Testo Walls & Wargames

Risk a day and find a friend of green
who wants to fill my lungs
and who can understand the breath i breathe
but cannot smell the drug
and now the walls are closing in
takes away my breath
my lungs cannot expel this smoke
fills them up
and i can barely breathe inside this room
and i can hardly see it
it's clouding all my love
a wall
a wall

there was a day when i was lost
so deep inside this wood
and i realize you saw me there
but you turned away
you did not want to face the pain of these

staring out and at these walls
they seem closer everyday
and i can almost count the cost
it took to construct them this way
but they've broken down
they've failed to hold
but they're the best thing that I've known
and now there is no war to play
there is no game to wage today
no walls
no walls
no walls