Hudson Testo

Testo Hudson

i met you on a friday night
of my first week in the city
i was reading an old subway map
you were half-stoned with your friends
and you told me i didn't look like
i knew just where i was going
but i told you it didn't matter much
cause i had no place to be

so take me, take me, take me down to the hudson
and shake me, shake me loose of all my plans
cause i'm drunk and wanna fall in love in new york city
so take me, shake me before i miss my chance

and you told me you were a city girl
as we climbed the stairs to your roof
and you spilled your drink all over me
but i laughed about it with you
you were singing some old motown song
stumbling over your words
i was immaturely reciting back
every phrase i heard