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it's july and i'm trying to figure out why i'm still here
is it my friends or the beers?
or why i'm sticking around, when i've always wanted out
how'd i make it past twenty one years?
cause i've never been the cool kid, yeah i'm awkward at parties
and i was awkward in high school, cause i can't talk too well
but we met and you said "jess, i think we should try"
cause we got no one to impress

you said, let's go out while the weather is warm
pushing everything else to the curb for a while
cracking our smiles and reciting the words
to the songs that we sang all the time

can't find a reason or rhyme if i try
boys and girls in america, are they just killing time?
i wonder if they ever even tried to step outside
take a drive out of this place sometime
cause i've always been quiet, but now i'm trying to change
cause i got things i've wanted to say
and this girl that i know takes me out to make a scene
what i need, someone to make noise with me