Screen Testo

Testo Screen

i was born by the ocean
there were boats, there were churches
most of the people were spoiled
they like to say they're important
they're all spending their money
well, i don't have any money
i'm just hanging on watching
ringing up another cup of coffee

well, do you believe in me?
well, if you see me up on the tv
talking about art and what it means to me
just smash the screen, just smash the screen

i was born on an island
sitting off the atlantic
everyone's got a band there
just to show they can have it
all begging for some promotion
they tell me i got potential
cause they can't read the satire
or see the difference between us

let it bleed, repeat, repeat
their chords are sounding pretty weak
they're on their hands and knees
well, not me, not me