I'm A Baller Testo

Testo I'm A Baller

(feat. MAC, T-Bo & XL)

Chorus 2X: XL
I'm Know they see me coming
I'm A baller
Just cuz I got money they wanna lock me up tonight

[Verse One: C-Murder]
I Know you see me coming
I just left the dungen with handcuffs on me
But you aint my homie what
I'm on a paper chase you trying to take my place
Fuck they system that's right (Damn C-Murder dissed them)
You see me on TV, court TV
Take my freedom from me but I'm still gonna be a G
Locked down to free thats me the Miller boy
Chrome carrier I'll burry ya but I'm smooth
You couldn't fit my shoes
I make the news on a regular
Six ??? burry ya scary ya
You don't wanna mess with me
That means I get the ski mask and X your ass whoa!
For real though I'm looking for a reason
Cuz in the Calliope it's duck hunting season
My mama say boy you better let it go
But I'm gonna pull an R Kelly and keep it on the down low WHOA!

Chorus 2X: XL

[Verse Two: MAC]
Take a shot take these niggas in the pace
Me and my doggs hangin' them like drapes let me say this
Ain't no love if you transparent
You also know is week who to put these niggas to sleep
Shits deep proverts is what I'm speaking cussing like Puerto Ricans
Buss them till you leaking I sound like who?
World War III you don't wanna start me nigga
GT is where my muthafuckin heart be nigga
I'm a lion king ducking with a gat in my hand
Little kid would you like to be a murder man
Soulja rag on my eye soulja ????????
Bitch niggas try to stop me I reverse the game WHOA!

Chorus 2X: XL

[Verse Three: T-Bo]
Got damn them bitches hate when you up
and got a couple of bucks and hate you when you broke
What is this what the fuck?
I like candy Benz and pointing in trims and big ole trucks
Dollars to tip strippers couple of chickens to pluck
You must be sick in the head if you think I do this for ya'll
I do this for my family, I do this to ball
and I promise ya'll when I hit the top I never gone fall
Back down to the bottom again Bitch I'm never gone fall
I got 10 whips 20 chicks and a house made of bricks
One gold mouth piece especally made for talking shit
Till you rock those big chains trying to catch cracker slim
Put on your track shoes ????

Chorus: XL

till fade