Get Paid Testo

Testo Get Paid

[Hook: x2]
Nigga I, know just
How, to get paid

Nigga I, know how to get paid
And you already know, that the crib be laid
Pulling out of Ike, with the candy sprayed
It was me and C. Blount, on them chromey blades
Nigga thought of many ways, to get paper man
Nigga came up quick, off in the Cloverland
And the way I came up, you can't understand
Nigga turned a hundred ones, to a hundred grand
Nigga me and my niggaz, making paper dog
So you bitch ass niggaz, can't hate me dog
See me in a G.D., lit up with fogs
In a hundred with the top down, get me dog
Niggaz know C-Note, know how to shine
Take a fo' and a half, turn it to a nine
Up early in the morning late, on the grind
She be bringing me the do', like all the time
She know how to get paid, how to keep the cash
I can ball in the mall, cause I keep a stash
For my boy Big Dez, I'ma keep the mash
'Fore you roll the endo, gotta mix the hash
Pop trunk on glass, I stay on the go
Nigga gotta get the cream, gotta get the do'
And I move like Ikeim, when I'm the flo'
Know I'm Third Coast born, when I'm at my show
Nigga black hat black, and know about the napsack
Meet you in the hallway, show me where the crack at
Nigga move the wrong way, nigga I'ma pop that
Fresh off the showroom flo', try to top that

[Hook x2]

See me on the Boulevard, rolling the chrome
Gotta know that it's on, when I'm in the zone
When a lot of females, come on the phone
Wanna take a few shots, or they go Patrone
C-Note that's me, in VIP
And my name on the streets, know I'm B-I-G
And I still hold it down, for the S.U.C.
Know them boys out there, be hating me
Ain't no fake in me, ain't no erasing me
I'ma do it for my fans, that kept faith in me
And I know that the funds, be casing me
Everytime I'm in the club, sipping bubbly
Don't trouble me, cause I keep the eagle
I'm a king on the streets, know to wrap it legal
With a 6 by 9's, up in the Regal
That's if I'm in your blast, up out the speakers
Mo' dope than beakers, keep on Nike sneakers
Till they free Big Smudge, tell 'em that's my people
When my nigga touch down, it will be legal
And the boy not guilty, that's the sequel
Give me a blunt, and I'll light it up
Psycho Bob Marly, that's tight as fuck
Got the purple in dope, go on roll it up
Got the purple in your cup, go on po' it up
Nigga show up blow up, nigga don't throw up
Boys act bad down South, man hold up
Rims when I roll up, bills when I fold up
Diamonds on the rim dog, see me when I stroll up

[Hook x4]

Houston, L.A. (they know how to get paid)
Pen State to the Tre, (they know how to get paid)
Detroit, New York (they know how to get paid)
East coast, West coast (they know how to get paid)
Down South, Midwest (they know how to get paid)
M-I-A, G.A. (they know how to get paid)
Worldwide, overseas (they know how to get paid)
Everybody making G's, (they know how to get paid)