Get Crunk Testo

Testo Get Crunk

(feat. D-Red, Daz, Geto)

Uh uh, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Get crunk (get crunk), get crunk (get crunk)
Get crunk (get crunk), get crunk (get crunk) what

[Hook: Geto]
Drinking, on that Hennessey
Yeah you know, it's got to be me
Get crunk lil' buddy, get crunk
Get crunk lil' buddy, get crunk
See we smoking on that doja, and we feeling so fine
That we just, might lose our minds
Get crunk lil' buddy, get crunk
Get crunk lil' buddy, get crunk

I got a cup of mud, it don't have no seeds and no bud
Yeah that's what I need, to get a nigga buzzed
I does the damn thang, y'all can't hang
I'm falling asleep off this drank, that me and my homie drank
Give me two pints of that syrup, two pints of the swisha
And mix it together, and assort the conditions
Sprite me up po' me up, po' me up (po' up)
All my motherfucking niggaz, throwing up (po' up)
She's a girl that I love the most, Mary Jane
Fuck it I'm hooked, so we just spark the flame
Light the candle blaze it up, because we doing it right
She got the kush she got the bomb, she got me high as a kite
I roll it tight, inhale it with all my might
Look at my eyes hypnotized, and done blind my sight
Yeah I keep getting blunted, that's what I really wanted
Bitch I ain't fronting, you got what I want


Yo I'm dipping, in my low-low
Top down, on a spin going real slow
Fuse box in the back, full of endo
On a cloud in the town, that's how we play yo
That's how we ball bro, yeah it's them boys and we back in the lane
Aiming for your fitted cap, yeah slashing your fame
For playing games, you got us fucked up and tucked up
Now with this AK, make em raise up
But on some playa shit, we keep it bossy homie
Big Shots stay looking good, never phony
Botany is the block, the block that stay crunk mayn
We keep it cracking, cause we love stacking hell-a-change
And sip Henn, by the cases
Hit a few places, drop a few stacks in the hood to my aces
And keep it gutter keep it real, cause I'm a team player
And stay crunk at all times, full of Henn yeah


I'm from the spot, of the 4200 block
Got the keys to my city, nigga check me out
We be sipping sip syrup, but we call it lean
When we say po' it up, you know what I mean
And we got the finest girls, that you wanna see
While they on my spot, live on TV
Dancing like she on the video, C-Note and Daz
Said she wanna get with us, stick it up the ass
Got do' got dro, know we got flow
Yeah we popped a few bottles, gotta pop some mo'
You know us thugs, get crunk in the club
You know you niggaz falling off, like you slipping in mud
Don't want you niggaz round me, sniffing them drugs
You playing with yourself, you'll be slipping in blood
I'm still that boy, that put diamonds in your face
I'm still that motherfucker, that ain't catch a murder case nigga


Yeah, the block that stay crunk at all times nigga uh
C-Note, D-Red and Daz we up in here you know I'm tal'n bout
Big Shots, 3rd Coast mayn we riding get crunk