Round & Round Testo

Testo Round & Round

(feat. Variety)

Uh, C-Note off that Botany
You know, how we do it

C-Note quote on quote, yeah the boy is back
Got a pocket full of stacks, and a chronic sack
Drop top down Scott, I was born to mack
Put my mama on play, cause I was born to stack
And the boy won't stop, till he get the plack
Raise hell when he sell, can you picture that
I'm the same old O.G., move like a whole ki'
Circle the block, and stop by the police
Represent the fo' leaf, now it's mo' beef
Mo' cops on the street, cause it's no peace
Running out of hope man, I can't cope man
They got the block cocked, looking for the dope man
We all in the scope man, while they lurking
All in they crib, steady looking and searching
But I was on the Boulevard, flipping and hurting
Raising up skirts, and steady networking

[Hook: x2]
Round and round, as the whole world turns
Can't miss my turn, cause you live and you learn
It go round and round, as the whole world turns
Can't miss my turn, while the swishers burn
2006, there's a lot of shit in the mix
Just last year, them fucking FEDs found plenty bricks
Though the number one rule, don't trust a bitch
Everybody go down, when a chicken snitch
Life in the fast lane, money cars weed caine
Ain't trying to get caught up, in the street fame
Tell em all, I'm a product of the streets mayn
Switch lanes, swang and bang diamonds against the grain
Six things, what I'm pulling out
Can you tell backpack, ghetto dreams we fulfilling out
Now you see, what they talking bout
Let em know Third Coast in the do', when we knock em out
I told them boys, a long time ago
I'm worldwide nigga, like the satellite radio
You can see me, on the video
C-Note got that do', you can't fuck with the flow nigga

[Hook x2]

You see me, rolling now (you see me rolling)
You see me, holding now (you see me holding)
It's going down, in the H-Town
Keep my pockets swollen now (swollen now) [x2]