Had A Plan Testo

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Testo Had A Plan

1975, I was barely alive
Mama took me to the Clover, where I learned to survive
Lil' skinny ass nigga, weighed bout 165
Although my life wasn't easy, I had to struggle and strive
Chopping weight on a plate, maybe cook up the shake
Then it's back to the corner, where it's money to make
Was money to take, young ghetto stars
Young niggaz coming up, running up the cars
I didn't wanna sell cheese, but I had to do it
I had to pray to the man, for him to guide me through it
When I came into this world, I wasn't breathing at all
That just give me more reason, that I should ball

[Hook x2]
I know the man, had a plan for me
Picked me up on my feet, so the world can see
I know the man, had a plan for me
Made my way through the streets, now I'm a Clover G

I know the man had a plan, and he let me know
That I can sport mo' ice, than sleet or snow
Tough luck growing up, in the hood that's rough
Going in and out of jail, but still ain't had enough
Flipping birds smoking herb, everyday of my life
Broke the rules skipping school, I'm trying to do what's right
I thank my 5th grade teacher, cause she did what she did
She told me if you think big, you can make it big
It was then that I knew, that I had some'ing to do
So I got my own company, I ain't working for you
So much stress on my chest, more than I can stand
Fifty G's up in my hand, I know the man had a plan

[Hook x2]

Now take a look at that new Benz, parked outside
All my life I've been setting trends, rolling these rides
I've been blessed we success, and yes I must confess
I thank the man that I made it, instead of flunking the test
Living life as a ghetto star, foreign cars
Blowing Cuban cigars, now people know who we are
When we pull up in the Escalade, with six screens
Man I came a long way, from dope fiends and street dreams
Living lavish as I have it, yeah we ball this year
Much love to my grandparents, dada my dear
In the dropper rolling late night, hitting my switches
Let my piece shine bright, I came from rags to riches

[Hook x2]

Know I'm saying, I know it's hard growing up in this ghetto
You know, to all the kids mayn just keep your head up
Know me bout to do this here, you know I'm saying
Minor set back major come back, you know I'm tal'n bout
Think big, you could make it big mayn
Don't let nobody put you down, I done had my up's and down's
Smiles and frowns, you know I'm tal'n bout