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Testo Luv It Main

(feat. H.A.W.K., E.S.G.)

Down South, know I'm saying
3rd Coast we in the do' baby, Screwed Up Click fa sho
My nigga Big H.A.W.K., my nigga E.S.G.
C-Note off that Botany baby, it's going down down here baby
Swanging on 4's, shining up the 4's you know I'm saying
Pinky rings piece and chains baby, this how we do it down South
Piece and chain, diamond rings (love it mayn)
Gripping grain, doing your thang (love it mayn)
And if you swanging on them thangs, (love it mayn)
All my niggaz say (love it mayn), all my bitches say (love it mayn)

Love it mayn up on my shirt, I love it when I put in work
Make it twerk or make it jerk, I'll show ya how I go bizzerk
I'm trying to see ya shake some'ing, girl you bout to break some'ing
Make me wanna take some'ing, fuck around and create some'ing
Feeling real good all through the hood, lean in the cup got to come up
Down South we blowing up, down South we showing up
Slip and slide got the buck hide, four t.v.'s off in my ride
Two t.v.'s off in my vis', see which side I'm platinumized
Line em up off in a line, call my dentist get my teeth shined
Sign em up got to resign, all my bumpers got to recline
I'ma come up on another level, mashing on a Benzo gas pedal
Cappers get your shit together, rappers get your hit together
And you can shine just like me, and you can rhyme just like C
S.U.C. and the E.S.D., know who it be down Botany
Say my name like you do in vein, like Po-Yo mayn we off the chain
Showing the world how we gripping grain, I cant explain we love it mayn


Love it mayn wanna dub it mayn, on the microphone I bring the pain
Shouldn't of let me off the chain, this how I spell my name
H-A-W-K, ladies love the shit I say
Put it in the hole like Dr. J, cross you up like Hardaway
Smoke fresh cheeva that on my limbs, use synonyms and antonyms
Write em down polish them, tracks I'm on I demolish them
Got mo' chips then Pringles, the song I'm on a single
I can spit it bilingual, and make your body tingle
Flossing in the Range Ro', wide frame fo' do'
Fat sack of hydro, rolled in an optimoe
I unclog the smog, with my southern dialogue
Digital or analog, I bite the mic like a bulldog
I boss hogg in a Lexus, lane to lane driving wreckless
Princess cuts up in my necklace, love it mayn this Houston Texas
I'ma squash the plex with Note and E, put it down for P-A-T
I represent the S.U.C., till the day I D-I-E love it


Who it be it's E.S.G., been acting bad since '93
Me and Big H.A.W.K. we gangsta walk, everytime I talk I'm blinging G
See my teeth you see C-Note's, Escalades we pulling boats
Love it mayn we thugging mayn, been hustling mayn fuck the folks
Smoke endo till my throat hurt, big fo' do' sitting low on skirts
Swang and swerve I'm sipping syrup, burn a hole in the Icerberg shirt
Me and Will-Lean we killa team, chrome 19's on the Houston scene
Pulling up platinum trucks, fifteen inch computer screen
Sipping coedine just like it legal, riding around with a desert eagle
Screwed Up Click we drop them hits, just like them bricks fuck the people
Southside nigga be piling stacks, watch how fucking wild we act
Give me the track and I'll crack the dat, new Cadillac I ain't filed no tax
Rap it fast screw it later, piece and gator you's a playa
Give me the mic and watch me blow, whoa like a tuba playa
Cedric Hill Cedric So', two triple O when I shut the do'
Rapper slash CEO, yeah bitch love it hoe