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Testo Intro

The Southside, where you at
Feel like I had to wreck something
Hold up, Chi-Town, H-Town
It's going down

I'm a Southside rider, with a S on my chest
Twenty inch wheel guider, putting haters to rest
I'm bout to get this shit started, Big Shots
Bleed the block cock the glock, we all black hearted
It's see-Note, I represent the Sizzouth
I'm bout to put this HK, in your motherfucking mizzouth
I bizall, I'm talking bout the green
If I ain't smoking on the cousin, I'm po'ing up the lean
Acting bad on the scene, it's been a long time
I guess I have to pop this nigga, jealous of my shine
Southside, you know that I'm repping that
Got em hooked like nicotine, in the cigarettes
Gotta fill my pinky rings, with them stone baguettes
Got a ki, for every letter in the alphabet
Distribute it to the East and the Westside
But you better wear your vest, on the Southside

We living real good, on the Southside
We represent the hood, on the Southside
You know we gripping wood, on the Southside
Sometimes it ain't all good, on the Southside
We living real live, on the Southside
Still trying to stay alive, on the Southside
You know we swing wide, on the Southside
Still trying to survive, on the Southside

It's your block, but my streets
And every nigga that I fuck with, is on feet
You done drove down, the wrong street
You done stepped on the wrong feet, these niggaz ain't weak
I represent the Clover, tatted on my arm
And my other arm, Third Coast Born
Hillwood, South Acres we keep it tight
Cloverland, Dead End, Kennedy Heights
Man them boys in the hood, man they don't care
Say what's up to that 2, off in Westy Square
South One, Yellow Stone, 34th Ward
We be swanging lane to lane, in the foreign cars
Ask them niggaz what they know, about them Texas boys
Southwest, Hiram-Clarke and that South Park
These be the streets, of Houston Texas
And if a nigga disrespect, then we snapping niggaz necks


Louisiana, Oklahoma
Man them boys down South, down to run up on ya
South Carolina, down in ATL
See them ballas turning corners, on them sprewells
What's up to Mississippi, and that New Orleans
Every year Bayou Classic, we be on the scene
Shouts out to Tennessee, man it don't stop
Wrecking shows down in Pine Bluff, and Little Rock
Lafayette, and that Florida mayn
Tell them boys we be rolling, in them foreigners mayn
Dallas Texas, and that Pensacola
Networking on my two way, Motorolla
I'm about to put my hand, on a half-a-mill
Gotta come up like my niggaz, up in Cashville
Austin Texas, San Anton'
Shouts out to them boys, down in Acres Home


Uh worldwide Southside, street fame
We up in this bitch, know I'm talking bout
Sky players, all my niggaz on the streets
You know I'm saying, the whole 3rd Coast
Texas baby, H-Town, go down baby, what