Let Me Speak Testo

Testo Let Me Speak

(with Brandon James)

[Verse 1: Brandon James]
Yo it's That dude who runs the station
Destine for greatness
You wasn't bourne for this ultimatum
Brandon Jones Brandon James
Spittin' that realness
I Guarantee that when it drop the bean is gon' feel this
From the streets to the burbs is where I'm spittin' at
Brandon Jones back to 36 is where I'm living at
It's ready and hot
If you ready or not
Said I was dope
Thought I was dealing them rocks?
Nigga stop!
I'm lifted as I'm wood grain gripping
Still tippin'
Tell your girl I'll pick her up and we can whip it
I ain't trippin
I'm trynna make rap work to be honest
I'm steezin' beats, writing heat, like I'm hooked on phonics
As I rhyme with finesse
I rhyme for my set
Check the best
Brandon's hot from Boston to Budapest
"She be Like Sir James Yo shit hot"
She beg for it she don't stop
I'm rolling up so she stay stopped
Her red heels and that red top
Me, My girl and my team here
The bean here
"Feel Good" yea they fiend here
We stoppin' in that parking lot
Watchin' as we step out
They want this cause they know it's hot
Saying that we the best out
Bad chick and her chest out
She Pulling up with checks out
"Like it's the first of the month"
But it's every time we step out
From the Bean back to Harlem
I Run the map, I'm problem
Just Let Me Speak before I bomb em
Yea Just Let Me Speak before I bomb em
... I'm Problem Just Let Me Speak Nigga

[Verse 2: Cam Meekins]
Already Told you I was crazier than 87 ladies
With A-D Aids Baby
I'm Sicker Listening to Shady
I'm 88 Lately, 19 on the Page
With 68 plus 1 ways to fuck your lady
Rhythmic my flow syntax
Eating Granola on these hoes and whipe em off of my back
Me and Brandon on the Track
"It's Like Insanity"
Man Killin' these motherfuckers
Rockin Tommy's and a Panda Tea
F... F... F... Flow Retarded when I Speak
I'm Holdin' the Bean
Thelonious Martin on the Beat
I'm Servin' it with the words that I Slur So perfect
And I'm sure to be a shoe in Motherfuckers with a purpose
I'm Certain
When the curtain drops
All these dudes gonna flop
Everybody Trynna SPEAK
Me and B. Tell Em Stop
Spectacularly I be Slangin' My Vernacular
To switch it from a shitty Subaru up to and Acura
Stacking packs of hacky sacks in the back of a ride
Come Fuck Around and Get a Fuckin' contact HIGH!
Cruisin' Listening to DOOM
Shut your mouth before you choke
This is Like the best shit I ever wrote
So let it speak, let it breathe, cause I'm dangerous
And spittin' that lyrical cocaine put em on they knees
And flow freeze
Get a coat no cheese
Get a G.O.A.T
Cause I Go Off All The Time That's a Wack Acronym Bro...
But Fuck it Tho...
Let me speak
Cam Meekins, Brandon James, bitch