Jme's Pattern Testo

Testo Jme's Pattern

Instant screw-face
Man best shut up when the tune plays
Or man get bruck up, man get stuck up, tie man's tongue up with the shoelace
If you still don't know about grime, fucking hell, check out my crew's name
Yeah, couple man from East and a few T OG's just like my duvet
I'm my own person, man wanna stereotype me like weed and Kool-Aid
Sixty-percent chance boydem will U-ey if they see my face
Pedestrians stop and stare, with my windows up, they still feel the bass
Can't sit in traffic for two days
Big badman might have to use Waze
Backroad specialist, bus lane getting it, green light wetting it, man don't wanna race
Them man are moist just like soufflé
Them man are soft just like toothpaste
Cop what I want when I want, true say
Man are baiders, every day is Tuesday
And I still cop nothing, advertising don't work on me, fuck what you say
Man wanna talk the greasiest shit 'til man get wetted on road, touché
Man wanna talk the greasiest shit 'til man get wig lifted, toupée
You type the greasiest shit then close the tab and open RuneScape
I'll run up on you like, "P", and take that, take that like, "What did he says?"