Shorty's Pattern Testo

Testo Shorty's Pattern

See, I used to walk on road but now man's whipping
Big X4, black and blue like same man's cripping
Four-wheel-drive, dip out then I dip in
I've been the realest from the beginning
Tottenham high road chilling
Bruce Grove, 'pent for your sinning
Stuck to music now man's winning
Been around the whole world twice and I still ain't done yet
Man can't chat to me when I'm on set
Fucked up grime, fucked up dubstep
Man are just upset
Sitting there thinking how the fuck I ain't done yet
Don't reveal much like wearing a long dress
I'm way too conscious
See man wanna test the waters but don't wanna get in
They know the sharks might get him, dead him
Wet him, wrap man up like bedding
I've done Wireless fam, I've done Reading
Catch me on the main stage just shelling
Ever since a yout' fam, I've been revelling
I got arrested but I ain't telling them shit
Man better show respect when us man step in
There's not another crew that's repping
It's like man have to get in the level that we've been setting
Showed you the blueprint if you man wanna get in
But they always bite the hand that's fed him
Man the snakes just keep on shedding