Semen Excorism Testo

Testo Semen Excorism

A pervert priest and a mentally diseased young woman
The propaganda of religion worked fine once again
Everyone thinks that demons possessing the body of this woman
The priest finds his chance
He tells them to leave him alone, using his authority as a priest
He looks at this woman and he desires to abuse her body
The perv priest starts to lick her, his delusional mind sees the devil
She is tied in her bed, she is effortless
Another victim of religious shit
The priest trying to do the so called exorcism through the vagina
Penetrating her with the cross
Nothing can stop his erection, the semen exorcism continues
The screams from the rape covers the old house, her family believed the lie
No-one knows whats happening in there, no-one stops this madness
Acts of derangement, paranoia prevails
The young woman faints from the rape and finally dies from the sick old priest
The excuse for her death was a lie, another lie of this religion, covered up by
The semen exorcist does his job again