The Sight Of Hanged Men Makes My Day Testo

Testo The Sight Of Hanged Men Makes My Day

Another foggy morning has come, the stench of death is coming from the window
I hear the sound of the role around their neck, it sounds like music to my ears
Vultures with pieces of flesh in their mouths
Flies all around the bodies, what a wonderful picture
Another good morning, another good sightseeing

Every day I touch their cold flesh, I want to feel their suffering
I love the taste of the dead, I adore their blank eyes, the smell of decompose
Every man behaves differently when they die, I love the excitement of someones
I really enjoy the process of strangulation, I cut carefully some parts of them
and I pull out their entrails
This is the signature of my art, my unique hobby makes Neva unique person

My list is getting bigger, day by day I hunt them down
Becoming part of my collection
I choose them randomly, I have bodies of all ages, everyone here had a
Everyone here had a name, I hang them from a pole, I really like my yard full
of them
I have a unique collection, the sight of hanged men always makes my day
Collecting hanged men is my addiction