I; A Thousand Fires Testo

Testo I; A Thousand Fires

I; A Thousand Fires But Made From Flesh Of One
A Searing Self-Sacrificing Pyre
To Rise From The Ashes Of The Sun

I: A Thousand Fires Coruscating Before You I Stand
Embrace Me With Your Deepest Devotion
Adhering The Fire Inside My Hand

Concern Not For The Pain Shall Not Embrace You
Let Our Sheath Ignite The Skies
Encircled In Our Own Infernal Chasm
Cleansed In Our Ashes; Of New Flesh We Rise

Behold New Life As We Walk With Fire
And Dance Inside The Flames
Behold This Night Conscripted Through The Ember's Eyes
Awake And Abolish Thy Shame

I Am Of Fire, We Are Of Fire, Fire Eternal, Fire Is Death